Welcome to Wilson Street Baptist Church


On Sundays and during the week, we meet to worship an awesome God, listen to him speaking into our lives, and hang out with some incredible people.

We warmly invite you to join with us.


Sunday 10:00am:

Worship - we will gather to worship, honour Jesus the Messiah and receive his encouragement at our church at 17 Wilson Street. We meet every Sunday morning at 10.00am in a family atmosphere. This week Bethany Waugh, recently returned from a 2 year mission with WEC in England, will be sharing some insights and thoughts. Afterwards we are having a "bring and share" lunch together. You are most welcome to join us.

The other pages have information on our Youth Ministries, Sunday Children's Ministry, and more. In the resources page you will find mp3 recordings of the messages from previous Sunday mornings which you can download.